Dear Followers: Well, that’s that…

So yea… I’m gon’ take a break from Tumblr. Not like most of y’all are awake at this hour to even see this post.

I’m gonna go back to writing out a novel, taking more photography/photo shoots, and just in general think to myself :l. hard times lol. winter blues.

I sense unfollows… but its okay :l ..I still love all y’all followers<3 

Photographed Summer2012 (Quote was anonymous.)

Midnight Skyline (Photographed and animated by @enriquecastellvi-ea)

Tower Burger from Lotteria. 10 burgers, 10 slices of cheese. Sooo good (Tokyo 2010)

Sundown over home, skyline of Toronto (Photographed Summer 2012)

Drake lyrics. (Photo+Photoshop by

Standing in Tokyo Tower, shot of my kiks. (Photographed Summer 2010)

Asakusa District, at Dusk, night of arrival after i checked into Sakura Hostel (Photographed Summer 2010)

Camera Session with the little bro. Day#3 (Why are we always matching colours o_o)

Visual Display i made at work. (December 2012)